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About Us

Northzone is a technology investment partnership. Over the past 17 years we have been chosen by some of Europe's most exceptional entrepreneurs as a long-term partner for growth. We have thus far invested in over 75 companies, injecting some 200 years of collective operational and investment experience into businesses that truly make a difference.

Who are we?

We are entrepreneurs, researchers, ex-suits, and above all, passionate doers. We happily roll up our sleeves when needed and work through challenges with our portfolio companies. Having been through the whole lifecycle of a company from both sides of the table (more than once), we are likely to understand the types of challenges that you may face, and are committed to helping you through the roller coaster.

A team of ten seasoned professionals with holistic experience in operations and finance means that there is always someone who can ask the right questions. And if we feel like more expertise is required, our community of experienced entrepreneurs, opinion leaders, executives, and innovators (aka our extended family) are only a phone call away.

In essence, the only meaningful reference an investor has is his/her portfolio companies’ experience of working together over time. We encourage you to talk to the entrepreneurs with whom we have partnered so far, and get their views on what it’s like to work with us.

How do we work?

We work as an orchestra; each investment professional carries their own weight, but our collective resourcefulness is one of our core strengths.

Each one of us has a couple of focus areas, be that stage, sector, or life-philosophy related. We like to make sure that we have the bandwidth to add value to our companies, so we usually limit ourselves to 3-6 investments (per person) at any given time. After having invested in your company, we commit to contributing time, sweat, experience and our network to help you build a successful business. We bring impetus to the table, and expect the same from the entrepreneurs we work with.

Our process is fairly simple and speedy. After having met you and heard about your business, we like to go back and do our homework. It is important to us to properly understand the business and the opportunity. If the opportunity is interesting enough, we will invite you for a more in-depth discussion. Sometimes we meet interesting businesses, but the opportunity is not right for us at that moment in time. Either way, we will always provide feedback. Our most important task is to understand if we will work well together as investors and entrepreneurs, which is why we like to invest sufficient time in getting to know you. A venture is after all a two-way street; it is crucial that our expectations are aligned.

What do we look for?

A great team. We’re big believers in the power of talent and balanced teams. Talent coupled with passion is a winning combination- something we are dedicated to supporting and nurturing.

Edge. Whether it’s bleeding, cutting, or leading- our companies tend to have an edge. The rest is a matter of connecting the dots; something we happily contribute to.

Vision. Teams that are reshaping the world with creative solutions to real problems make us happy.

Appetite. Growing a company is no easy feat. We look for people that have skills, tenacity, and ambition to pull it off.

…and some less sexy-sounding, but equally important things:

A huge market opportunity. Although we think that niche businesses can be interesting, we ’re really after globally attractive markets. This means that they need to be large and growing.

A scalable and capital-efficient business model. This might come as a shocker, but we do like to see you having a plan that will map out your vision to direct execution. As we often say: ”great ideas are not a major challenge; however great execution is what makes or breaks an idea.” For execution to happen, we need to understand how you intend to turn your vision into a business.

What do you look for?

We're all about improving the service that we are offering to entrepreneurs. It is important for us to understand what you need and want from us. Email us with your musings.