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Erik Bakkejord

“We have come a long way, yet are only at the beginning.”

Erik Bakkejord, the man behind StepStone and Intility, is a father of three, an avid ice bather, and also one of Scandinavia’s most seasoned IT entrepreneurs. Behind his passion for execution lies a fundamental faith in humanity and creativity. Erik is driven by the belief that the potential for improvement in all areas of our modern world is more or less infinite.
Erik’s first venture was StepStone, which he founded back in 1994, when internet-powered businesses were nothing short of rocket science. StepStone’s goal was to become the leading European player in the recruitment industry, and in 2000 the company made its entry onto the public markets. On the day of its IPO the company’s value doubled.

Erik’s motto is that with focus, hard work and dedication, everything can be improved, made cheaper, and simpler. The challenge for an entrepreneur is to find the intersection of one’s abilities and desires, and supercharge it all with enthusiasm.

Shortly after exiting StepStone, Erik was ready for a new adventure. He joined Intility, a company that develops and delivers a complete IT outsourcing solution, in 2001 and has been its CEO ever since. Intility is today one of Scandinavia’s leading technology companies. Bjorn Stray, General Partner at Northzone, has stayed the Chairman of the Board even after Northzone sold its stake of the company in 2007.

“I believe that nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm. I have been fortunate enough to work in two rewarding industries: at StepStone our goal was to improve the free market model when it comes to recruitment, and at Intility our mission is to simplify the IT question for companies.”